Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Riding more is fun!

I will say since getting the cross bike a month ago my riding has really shot up, I've done about 50 miles a week extra on average since getting it as my currently mileage this month up till today is around 210 on that bike, which to me is pretty mind blowing, for me really thats 2 GOOD months of MTB.  I enjoy being able to get out and spin out a quick 10-15 miles of distance in an hour from the house or in 3 hours be able to lay down 40 or 50.  Not quite ready to say it's making me a stronger rider yet but I feel like I'm advancing my always keep pedaling mentality a bit away from MTB of coast and pedal that I've lived in.

I still love my MTB and railing Accotink last week was a blast.  The first really dry week in a while, trails were lots of fun to just zoom on.  Also trying to brake less.  Now that seems harder than not pedaling.  I waste a lot of speed/momentum as I brake way too much according to a pretty trusted friend. 

Crap weather is really killing the ability to MTB more or I would have ridden last night or tonight but it was threatening storms last night and raining today.  ugh.  ugh.  ugh. 

Jen was complaining about my car smelling like dirty gym clothes due to biking stuff. So I sniffed out the culprit.  My shoes, the clothes I had in were clean, not dirty.  It's the damn shoes.  Maybe a shoe bag is in order to keep the stink down after I air it out soon.  But I love having the shoes always in the car it prevents forgetting them at home.  Maybe some of that sport febreeze is in order on the shoes.  ugh. 

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