Friday, June 29, 2012

The Dusty Trail

Dusty-field should be the new name for Wakefield.   After a relatively dry and VERY dusty 2 weeks wakefield's trails are ALL very dustry especially the ones in the open.  Powerlines was super dusty I kept coughing from all the crap.  Can't imagine how bad it was during the race.

This week I did another race lap to start off with after a quick spin around the lower fields/courts.  Somehow turned a 19:58 lap which is pretty damn good in my books.  Way faster than last week and felt like I still could have been even a bit faster, wasn't pushing it in some area's at all. 

The main ride went well other than finding out the gentleman who crashed horribly off the infamous Tree-Zilla Log-Over was on my ride.  He tried to pull a manual off it apparently and had a bad fall ending up paralyzed for about 2 months after hitting head first.  And that was the end of Tree-Zilla.  Oh well.  He was struggling a bit and seemed unsteady when trying to get out of the saddle and hammer up hills/etc.  He bailed at the far end of Accotink to ride out.

On the way back down Danbury Forest I gate it a good hard spin and hit 33.4 MPH.  Zoom.

Riding will be limited this weekend between working all weekend and the insane heat today and tomorrow with temps at 100+.

If you are out riding, stay safe, keep hydrated and wear your sunscreen. 

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