Monday, November 25, 2013

Being locked out is no fun

Saturday was a planned off day as I had some delusions about going on Pete's ride Sunday.  Well by the time to roll came around on Sunday I was not going anywhere except by foot for a bit. 

Saturday I took care of some business and helped a friend with a project.  It was good to get it off the list, and we actually got it done quick.  Then trolled the otherside of Vienna, who knew their were some snooty snobby @#$#@ just off Maple/123.

Sunday started off bad and went to stupid/worse quickly.

Woke up to the house at a lovely 53 degrees F.  COLD!  Went down and turned heat off for 2 minutes then tried to engage emergency heat - no real difference in air coming from vent.  The EM heat is out I suspect.  I think it had tried using it over night and failed.  So I messed around and changed some stuff and got the heatpump/aux going.  I went out back in fleece/hat/gloves/jeans (No jacket) to check heatpump and after inspection went back up to go in.  Uh Oh.  Oh Shit.   Front door shut behind me.  And knob based lock was engaged.  Tried to pop/force as it was loosely shut - no luck it closed solid on 3rd try!  No roommates 1 was at work, 1 was not due back till afternoon from out of town.  No phone.  No keys.  No Cash.  Tried my car in-case i left it unlocked as that would give me access to secret cash stash - No luck. 

Back down to basement.  Tried to pop sliding glass door - No luck, very well secured.  Nice job me.  Basement window - Locked.  Deck climb???  Last resort.  Try front windows.  2 sets appear to be in open position.  No luck.  Back to examine deck climb.  Not going to be easy/safe or fun.  Re-examine basement window then main windows.  Try a bit harder - BINGO! Back in I go.  Now about 9 am and I'd been out for 30-40 mins.  Almost had given up to go bum around downtown vienna and bounce from shopping ctr to shopping ctr to stay warm till roommate returned. 

Once I was warmer I was off to Starblechs for Cocoa and breakfast.  Then home depot for a new key lockbox outside.  No more lockouts!   The rest of the morning was spent straightening up the house, taking care of errands, and general crap.  House got warm again around mid-afternoon.  Still is okay now.  Sigh. 

Busy week.  Tonight I gotta run.  Tuesday uh avoid winter storm.  Wednesday prep for Turkey Lurkey Day Adventures, Turkey Day Armageddon. Friday - Going out, Saturday - who knows.  Sunday I shall Take 0ver the World!

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