Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Get out there young man!

Busy week of riding and doing stuff.

Saturday I snuck in a great ride with Maureen at WF post work.  It was a tad damp and the bike showed it afterwards requiring  me to re-hook up the hose to get it somewhere approximating clean.   Got a ton of other crap also done this day. 

Sunday I cooked epic pancake and snausage breakfast before heading out on a 40 mile re-introduction to roadie-hood.  It was a nice way to spend a few hours except I forgot water and snacks and by halfway back I was bonked.  Quick stop at TBL Reston for water, fuel, and rinsing out the sweaty headband and I powered home feeling better.  Got the car washed and oil changed and a few other  things.

Friday I also hit costco and WF post  picking up my roomie.  It was a busy but uber productive weekend.  Good times.

Monday rolled up on me with a vengeance.  Like a Spirit of Vengeance like Nic Cage.

It's Monday B@#$@es!!!!

So I rode into work on Monday and that wasn't bad i was honestly too warm in my woolie.  Work sucked but I got out mostly ontime and road home in my T-shirt.  Gotta leave a spare jersey at work for those unplanned super warm days.  My left shoulder was a tad sore so I decided to go for a quick run.  As I was running I decided I would do some urban crossfit and hit the park gym of pull up bars and other stuff.  Bad mistake.  Shoulder went from ouch to @#$@## THAT F@#KING HURTS!

Spent the night and next day abusing the heating pad and advil but by 4pm the shoulder was mostly okay.  So off I schlepped to Schaeffer Farm.  Damn it felt cold in the lot and my fingers froze right away for some reason!  Trails have REALLY eroded in a few spots.  But it was good except where I made a few bad line choices and had to stop.  d'oh. 

Post ride it was off to DFH GTown for beer and chow.  Good beer and good friends. 

WACK dreams and I don't know whether to blame beer or food or what but I must have had my most active night of dreaming in years.  Slept thru my alarm till 8PM.

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