Friday, November 08, 2013

Once, Twice, Three times...

Oy the MTB gods sent me a message loud and clear last night to drag my sorry ass of the trails early.  I was done and at my car by 7:45 or so with a flat and realized I had hit my 3 strikes rule and it was time to be done.  In actually that was the 4th strike, not the third.

1st Bungle.  Riding section 3 of the creek trail aka the race course section below phase 1 and phase 4 I hit a sandtrap I didn't see and nearly ditched my bike and myself recovery at the last second somehow to get a foot down and an arm around a tree. 

2nd Bungle - Phase 4 lower/western entrance we had gotten thru 3 of the 4 rock gardens and I ran out of steam and ended up stalled.  I got stopped safely and scooted out of the way to the left as far as possible.  Unfortunately the following rider was too close, didn't/couldn't get around me and stalled and fell over onto me knocking me half over and my bike fully. 2#$#@!!!  Thank rich!  Too bad Neil didn't have his camera ready for that one.

3rd Bungle - Coming out of phase 4 and after crossing the logs into upper phase 1 I hit a hidden stick and fully dump my bike and myself.  My first real fall in a while.  I landed well it was just done/over quick. 

4th Insult - Flat tire on access trail along creek to phase 1/salemander/powerlines/berms.  I must have hit the lone thorn of doom or something but after messing about with ramping a log more safely I noticed my front was squirely and going flat.  I had neil take over leadership with the group headed towards the bowl.  By the time I hit the tennis courts the front was flat.  Or at least mostly flat.  And no pump in the car.  Oh well.  I changed and relaxed.

Kilroy's was nuts as the Skins game was on and they were still winning.  We ended up in the dining room.  Good group and was pretty damn funny.

Rode in this morning, wasn't THAT cold though the tips of my fingers were a bit frozen by the end.   Ride home should be nicer.  Gotta figure the layers out.

Run tonight and hopefully sneak in a ride on Sunday before some lawn work with J.   

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