Friday, November 22, 2013

I'll take that for a dollar!

It was a warm one out last night for sure.  It was warmer than I was prepared for.  The winter boots were overkill, except when going thru the very damp creek.  Oh well. 

Ton of riders out, some new folks, some old returnee's.  It was a good ride, big thanks to Russ A for leading a supersized Cas+ ride.

Way too much b33r last night.  But good times were had and good talk was exchanged by the DDRC.  But getting home at 11:20 was a bit harsh and by the time I was in bed I think it was 12:15.  Another semi-restless night of sleep and my neck is still  a bit tender. Now my stupid left hand is sore either from riding or punch myself stupid in my sleep. 

Busy weekend on deck maybe.  Depends on some flakey folks and how @##@$$# the weather is on Sunday and how stir crazy I am.  Hoping to make some positive plans.  

Also need to bottle some beer and get ready for brewing a new batch for Thanksgiving week.  I think it's a Black Rye IPA on deck!  Hell yah! 

Poured out the last of the failed Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout yesterday.  It's a sad thing to pour out 2 cases of BAD beer.  Even when it tastes like crap.  I learned 2 things.  Don't mess around with timing on homebrew and avoid @#$@# extracts/etc in full batches.  If using something funky limit to half batch at maximum.  

It's almost time to escape work, I can NOT fricking wait.  Ants in my pants  or something.  Actually excited to get out and run!  Someone stop me! 

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