Friday, November 15, 2013

It's a hard knock life on MTB

A better night at WF last night except for 1 bit. 

I broke another saddle.  Thats saddle #2 to give up the ghost at WF.  And the 3rd saddle thats failed on me.  1st was my original WTB back on the Giant Rainer that eventually the rails simply flattened/crushed on.  2nd was my Terry Fly Ti.  Rail snapped while riding towards Salemander at WF on the rocks.  This one failed somewhere early I think in phase 1 headed towards the creek trail section 3.  It survived the next 8 mile pretty well.  A Selle Italia that had been on there for at least 2 years.  I think it's a good reflection that I am a better rider but I still do sit too much.  I'm sure the PA Adventure also contributed to it's recent failure.  That was a LOT of rocks.

New tubeless tire up front gets a mixed rating, but I expect that to improve.  I had WAY too  much air at around 34/35psi in it last night and expect it to get less-funky/loose when I drop it to 30'ish.

Boy was that tire a B@#!! to get mounted.  Super tight bead.  I also had to go back nearly flatten it 2 times then use stans on a rag to get 2 spots to seat properly/slip the bead in to seat.  Those pops always are good for a scare.  :) 

Tuesday I went down to WF post work for a pre-ride beer and ended up with a 11oz BCS from Goose Island from 2012.  Hell yah!  15%+ ABV.  It's a monster and it's smoother than at release for sure with a year aging.  Went down super nice.   And I weaved my way towards Barlington the first 2 miles of the WOD I rode.  No food plus 15% = Ass kicking booze hit.  Even in 11 OZ.

Went down to Mad Rose with a few navigation mis-cues but got there eventually.  In time to score a free beer to start with, a Lagunitas IPA.  Damn good.  Saw a few known faces, talked with Mike E for a bit.  Got some food order and checked out the Race Dots.  Excellent idea.  Mini Magnets setup for holding on race #'s for bike and running races.  No safety pins.  Really strong magnets.  Lets you slide them and the plate around your shirt. 

Busy weekend on deck again.  Plans tonight, work sat, ride Saturday afternoon, party Sat, Sun big ride on road, and other crap.

I'll be so glad when I have 2 official days off again.  Off for more free taco's at work now.  Viva la Bell!

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