Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Blow up the outside

What a week it's been.  Crazy shit at work.  Crazy shit on the bike.  Crazy cold with no heat at home still.

Should be getting the replacement thermo today.  I'll re-check the wiring that is there currently against what I originally had hopefully.  It was a TAD chilly this AM when I got up at 4 and 6 to do some remote testing.

HOPEFULLY will be biking in tomorrow for the 1st time in WAY too long. 

Rode big up in PA with some friends this weekend.  RB Winter Park has some awesome riding.  Pick up the Lizard Map for the Bald Eagle area and some others.

I realized I was at 54 miles of MTB between Thursday and Sunday.  Damn.  Second best week since Spring Man Camp.  Gotta ride the mtb WAY more this next year. 

Still easily on track to double my mileage on bikes of last year but my MTB will have dropped probably 200+ miles this year.  Thats kinda sad honestly. 

However things are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY changing at work.  Had an informal sitdown interviewation.  The wagon wheels are turning.  Will the day come before Year 9 starts that I get my Saturday's back.  More than likely I suspect it will actually be the spring. 

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