Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DNK Brewery - Chimay Chimay

Well I fired up the brew kettle once again last night, to brew a Brewers Best Ivan's Belgian Tripel, that I replaced the regular yeast on with a Chimay. It was actually one of the smoothest brewing run's I've ever had. And considering the multitasking during, thats pretty amazing!

3 Gallons Distilled Water
4 Oz Crush Aromatic
4 Oz Carapils Malt
Steeped at 160->150 for 25 Mins
7 Lbs Pilsen Light - Spray Dried Malt
8 Oz Malto Dextrin
24 Oz Light Candi Sugar
1 Oz Kent Hops at 4.8% Alpha Acid - Bittering
45 Mins at Rolling Boil
.5 Oz Kent Hops at % Alpha Acid -
15 Mins at Rolling Boil
Cooled to 85 Degrees and let sit for an hour
1 Gal Distilled Water
1 Gal Spring Water
Add Wort
.5 Gal Distilled Water - To Bring to 5
Added Yeast (OOops)
Wyeast 1214 Bel Abbey - Man June 23 2008 - Activated but not full active.

OG with Yeast slurry measured at 1.079 at a temp of 75 Degrees in Fermenter.

As of just now I have about 0 activity observed. Grrrr I may need some yeast nutrients or perhaps to pick up another yeast kit.


DT said...

Don't worry about not seeing any activity yet. If you've got nothing after 48 hours, then it might be time to consider adding more yeast. Ultimately, for beers that big you'll want to make a yeast starter, which is really easy. A few days before you brew, boil up a small amount of water and DME, cool it down and add your yeast to it. Gives your yeast a chance to reproduce and raise it's numbers before going into the sugary battle...

Rob said...

Dt - I went down to the beer cellar and gave things a better look just a bit ago, and noticed a few things. The airlock was lower than it should have been, and when I added a bit more with a pipette it seemed not to stay the same an hour later, so I went ahead and changed the whole bung and airlock out. I also got down and looked at the bottom and noticed a fairly decent layer of yeast/etc on the bottom. I'll give it another day, should I remove the airlock and agitate it or such???

Next time I'm gonna start the smack pack (wyeast) a day before, 3 hours got it started but it was no where near it's maximum. I did see some web forums discussing this kit and several people said multiple dry or a 2L starter is what they used.

Thanks for the info!