Saturday, September 13, 2008

October Mini Epic Trip

This weekend is the annual fall trip for MORE to Douthat VA. I opted to skip this year in order to take a mid-october trip.

What I'm trying to do now is figure out where to go.

Currently I'm thinking I want to hit 2 rides optimally on the trip. Right now I'm mainly looking at the IMBA epic's.

Roth Rock Ride near State College Pa appx 201 Miles
Gauley Headwaters near Slatyfork, W.Va appx 247 Miles
Dupont State Park near Brevard, NC appx 510 Miles
Tsali Trail Epic near Bryson City, NC appx 540 Miles
Southern Traverse near Harrisonburg, VA appx 140 Miles -

The ST Epic in Harrisonburg is actually on my to do list next spring as part of the spring MORE Trip to Stokesville. R^3 may have closures in some area's due to hunting season closures. Not sure of what hunting closures the others may have yet.

I'm mostly an XC guy at this time, I ride a geared 26 Giant. I'm getting better at handlign more technical stuff like rock gardens of moderate dificulty. Massive downhills arent' my thing but I do enjoy long swooping rides and have no problems with suffering to gain my altitude.

Any opinions or suggestions appreciated.


DT said...

I tell you, the riding around State College, PA is hard to beat! Most of the riding I've done was up there was Eric Roman's races, but damn, so much fun.

Rob said...

Kewlness, gonna read up on that found 1 article about some singlespeed race he hosted a few years ago.

Any good recipes/ideas for a fall winter beer?? I'm debating pushing the tripel/chimay off for a round to get beer ready for fall/early winter.