Sunday, September 28, 2008

DNK Brewery - Chimay Part Duex

Today I took the first of my gravity readings from the Chimay as it had stopped fermenting visible a few days ago, after about 6 days of good fermentation.

OG I read as 1.079 adjusting to 1.080 for the temp of around 77 degrees at time.
FG I read as 1.012 at a temp of 70'ish so no adjustment necessary.

Giving Final Calculation of: 8.9%'ish Alcohol, 1.024 Real Final Grav, 6.03 Grav Plato, and 263 Cals Per 12 Oz's. A sampling of the pre-secondary beer gave it pretty close to a slightly strong hefe. I'm thinking it should smooth out in the secondary as long as I'm very careful about siphoning the beer and avoid the sediment. As I did this by myself I ended up getting a bit more of the yeast/trub sediment than I wanted.

Tommorow I think I'll start messing with some label designs.

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