Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rosaryville Rushhour

After work yesterday I slogged my way over to Rosary for a quick ride with RickyD. Traffic wasn't too horrible over taking an 1:15 to get over there from Chantilly. On the way I had a moment of panic thinking the horse competition started that night, but upon arriving the signs said it started today (Sat, Sept 20). I was a bit late arriving at 5:05ish but ricky hung in the lot like the kind chap he is.

I geared up as quick as possible and we headed out. Great evening for riding, cool and crisp. We flew around the first section it felt like to me. R suggested we hit the interior loop, and I hestitated a minute before saying Yah. Normally the interior/tech section beats me up bad, but I guess recently i've gotten better at clearing logs. Only 2 really screwed me. The 3 set with the stoopid off angle/camber in the early part and the near the end off camber that someone has started to ramp. The rest of it was great, I had a blast. Soon i'm gonna start trying some of the skinny's. A few more trips to schaeffer for practice on the easy ones their first. The rest of the ride went well right till near the end when I started to boink a bit.

I checked the time/distance in the lot and we'd donw 11.6 in an 1:10 of rolling time for me. I was pumped usually that interior loops adds a LEAST 20 mins to my time and the quickest I think I'd done the combo in was like 1:30'ish.

The new front tire was giving me some scares at first on the first few descents, but by the end I wasn't even noticing it and was rolling fine and steady I felt like it was solid.

I was SOOOOO hungry on the way home, my stomach was rumbling the whole way. And stupid DC folk can't drive for crap, 2 wrecks one at the start of the s-curve and another half way through. 4 and 3 cars respectively. QUIT TAILGATING REJECTS! Your not getting there any quicker!!!!!

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