Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weird dream

I had the most convincing dream in a while last night. Somehow I had a very in depth dream about buy a road bike of some sort, very odd I think it was a cannondale in yellow for some reason, I had better recall earlier this morning. I almost expected to walk into my basement and see it. Weird. Too bad it wasn't a cross bike I was checking out the other day. Or real. Boo hoo.

Now if only I could actually get out and ride. Last week was mostly a bust. The weekend was a rainy bust. Tonight's Rosh Hashanah. Maybe wednesday I'll try and hit FH again. Or maybe I'll be smart and just ride rosy. hmmm Isolated Thunderstorms. Last time I went to rosy under those conditions I got caught in a tstorm while riding. Though it did lead to my fastest lap ever. ahahahha.

Had a new for me Unibroue beer the other night, SEIGNEURIALE it was pretty tasty. Nice maltiness and spicy. Had it with some punkin and carrot soups (seperate). We then finished off a big bottle also of Fin Du Monde. Sometime soon I need to grab a bottle of the Don De Dieu.

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