Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is the Rodeo here?

Thats how my ride at schaeffer started today. I looked at the poor woman and politely informed her that the rodeo is at the horse farm off to the right as you turned in. I pointed to the drive and sent her on her merry way. I just couldn't be the grinch. Oh well.

I blasted out 2 nice loops for 16.5'ish miles. Doing the big yellow loop 2x. My first run was around 43 mins moving time. I was pumped and went out and did the harder version I like with the first yellow stream valley to blue. Then I did the orange section out on the loop then back thru the 2nd valley and back. Did some playing on various logs and cleared some new stuff! Yah!

And I rode the first skinny on white and almost got the 2nd one a couple times. I'm stoked as my technical riding I think is FINALLY improving. Now to work on off foot jumps/etc and try a few larger/unramped trees/logs.

The rodeo was really noise when on the close side to the farm. Avoided a couple close calls with huge piles of horse dookie.

That puts me at about 65 miles this week! Yah!

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