Friday, September 12, 2008

Punk Rising

An odd week of riding. Due to the rains last weekend I didn't get out to ride till Monday mid-afternoon for a 2 hour slog fest at Schaeffer. I started with a quick lap of the yellow, and I did it in a pretty solid 46 minutes. Then I went out for the white loop again. And after a wrong turn leading to repeating the annoying southern section I finished up before a quick wrap up section giving me just over 16 miles in a bit under 2 hours.

Wednesday I picked up some Punk. That is DFH Punkin Ale. A bit strong in flavor is my first thought. I happened to look at the empty last night and realized that it had only been in the bottle 2 weeks as of Wednesday, bottled 8/26/08. So I'm gonna let it sit another 2 weeks before I try another. And make sure it's really cold.

Thursday was the Wakefield Night Ride. I actually swept instead of leading and it was mostly a nice change. We managed to squeek in a short ride at accotink. But I think that any more accotink visits are going to have to be on a pre-ride now. It was fun and ken knew the trails there very well. We then did a good bit of twisty fun with logovers, etc. From there we rode the first part of powerlines then dropped down to hit the remains of the creek trail, we popped out on the CCT and took the access rode and hit phase 1, skipping salamander. We then went a rolled phase 4, though I was feeling a bit slow on it. We then hit the high side of phase 1, climbed back up to the berms, and rode down. Fun! Then back to the lot. The group stopped so I optioned for 1 full lap out to the far powerlines and back, getting real close to 15 miles. I was happy with the ride.

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Ikon O. Klasst said...

Try the Wolaver's Organic "Will Stevens" Pumpkin Ale...good blend of malt, hops, pumpkin, and spices. Also, Smuttynose makes a damn good one, too, if ya like hops.

See you at the Bliss.