Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FH vs PC

Actually the title should be clash of the idiots myself (@ FH) vs Performance Cycles.

In this corner we have me. A normally sensible and capable mountain cyclist. Who today managed to fall over after rolling into a small root. Classic fall really, slow roll into a root smaller than my forearm. Bounce off. Uh oh. Balance to far to one side and the world was tilting. Next thing I know I'm hoping back up and bitching not just at my bike but at myself. A quick check shows I'm okay. So I ride back out the exit section. Get to the lot and start messing around and notice that my Rear D which has been odd since my wyf battled rammed it at the beach is now WAY odd. And shifting even crappier. A quick adjustment on the bike rack and its obvious the thing is now REALLY on it's last legs. Where is the new Rear D I ordered from @#$@$ performance???. I can also only conclude that as I fell the opposite way, that during my flailing I managed to perform a series of repeated and powerful axe kicks with my right foot on the read d. I also notice that my left pedal is different. The damn shaft on one side of the pedal clipping system was out about a half inch?!?? I pull it a bit back into line and then apply my car jack's pipe thing to it knocking it mostly back into place. Maybe an 1/8th inch is now out. GRrrr.

In the far errrm corner is Performance cycles. An industry leader in crappy service and sometimes low prices. The other competitor recently order a new Sram x9 RD to replace one damaged during a rumble at the beach. Along with a new bottle of chain lube and 4 new power links. Today 2 boxes arrived from performance. One large, One small. Open the small box expecting Lube and Power Links only to find the chain lube. Now onto the large box. This box contained a ton of paper and 4 power links.

WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! WTF is wrong with them, why weren't they shipped together in the same small box. What frickin retards. Now someday there shall be a third box I suppose. However the RD still says on Backorder. When you look on the site it says the RD's are due in the 19th....Uh that was 5 days ago morons!

Clear Winner
Performance Cycles!!!!!

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