Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clean as a Whistle

Monday night I started cleaning up my poor dirty neglected bike, it had 2 good rides on it since any cleaning and a bunch more since a major cleaning and when the drive train was upgraded.

So I pulled the chain and soaked in degreaser, giving it a good few minutes of shaking at times, pulled the rear wheel. The rear cogs received a very good cleaning, and I cleaned up the wheel in general, removing a lot of caked on crap. I then gave the cogs a couple good coats of teflon spray lube after covering the rear disc so as not to get anything on it. I then rinsed the chain and re-submerged it again in clean degreaser as the first wash was filthy. In between I worked the chain to get out more stuff and wiped off all the crap I could. I gave the bike a very thorough wipe down removing all dirt, grime and crud. I repositioned my cadence sensor and the magnets to get it working again. I also finally fully cleaned and replaced the bad o-ring on the non drive side of the crankset. It was fully of dirt and the ring was almost fully off, only the pedal keeping it on. I now have a spare o-ring, though they aren't quite wide enough, but I cleaned and put in new grease and it should be a huge improvement. I also finally found the spare mount for my GPS and fixed it to work right and mounted that up.

The chain recieved 2 treatments of lube one Tuesday Morning, the other Tuesday Evening. I also cleaned the jockey wheels on the Rear D. After installing it and cycling through all gears I wiped the chain down very well removing all excess, and the rag was still very clean! Lubed all the shifting cables and cleaned up and lubed the troublesome Front D as well as possible. Tightened and adjusted a few other things.

My frickin back is killing me and I'm not sure of my status for tonights ride. ARGH!@!!! Even after 2 advil it seems still a bit to sore....:( Guess I'll decide when I get closer to ride time. UGH.

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