Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rocking the Scales, Week 2.

Alright at the start of my 2nd week of fitness I can look back on last week and see some real positives, and a few negatives.

Positives - Hit the gym 3 times last week. Ate better in general, subway on the 2nd day for the 2nd half of a foot long is rough. I can loose weight (218 as of yesterday). I also managed to not pig out and eat a whole box of lowfat cheeze-its in 1 sitting, I ate maybe 2 servings, at a time. Not great, but better.

Improvement Areas - I binge, therefore I am. Its tough for me to eat according to any normal meal plans, being as alergic as I am to most fruits and veg. Find supplements to that is more important than ever. Tomato juice and V8 are new ideas for this week. I eat WAY To much Peanut Butter. It's my general snack food of choice. I need to get some pickles also. 2% Cheddar cheese snacks are also on my shopping list. I need more snack options. I need to hit the gym consistently through out the week, not just early, I crapped out after thursday. I need to hit 4-5 times minus for each real ride.

REAL NEGATIVE - My bike is still in the FRICKIN SHOP! I'm pissed. Friday it might get done, more likely Saturday. If the part was ordered. Moron wasn't sure. No more city bikes, they are over priced on labor and kinda slack. I suspect their overhead is just too high.

2nd Week of Program and I am at 218.

I started a new weight training setup with my personal trainer at the gym. He gave me a first workout of
4x8 Step Ups @ 35 Lbs - 30 seconds rest
3x8 Explosion Squats @ 22.5 Lbs -45 Seconds
Push ups to exhaustion - 45 Seconds
Pull ups/chin ups (Goal 10) of either/then both. 30-45
2 Sets of Pushups for 20 seconds.30 seconds rest
3x10 Lunges @ ?? (20?) 45 seconds.

My shoulders are killing me today, my arms are a little sore. My legs are a bit sore. Gotta push it today when I hit the gym. Not hard but I need to loosen up as I plan to hit the same workout tommorow....I hope.

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