Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday wrap up

Well, I fell a bit off the pace after hitting Wakefield on Thursday Night, I did 8 miles in just under an hour there. Not bad considering I was feeling pretty wimpy and wiped out by the end on a whole 400ft of climbing. Egads. Thats like 1 climb at greenbriar. With J getting back in late Friday night I had cleanup duty at home waiting Friday afternoon, and saturday became a wash for the gym as I went home with the intention of a 15 minute power nap before working out only to zonk out for an hour or more. It was quite nice though. Today I intended to hit the gym early but errands, lunch, and other things kept me in till 4:30. I did get in a pretty solid set for not having been in since the painful monday session, though I did skip 1 set of lunges, my shoes were killing me. I wore the complete wrong shoes and consider myself lucky I did as well as I did.

For a change I also included 5-6 minutes of jumping rope. Holy cow, I get way to easily out sync on that, back as a kid I used to be able to go forever. When I was 11-12 I used to regularly go to a boxing gym/school in Phoenix and that was one of the regular activities. Though ultimately I'm glad I didn't get into really boxing. I'm already addle brained enough as it is.

My plan tommorow is to get up and go out early when J leaves and either hit Rosaryville again or maybe go check out Fairland. Not sure, fairland sounds a bit easier to hit but I'd like to hit Rosary and actually get a chance to REALLY improve my riding there on the outer Loop. I'd love to try for 2 laps, but who knows.

Off to cleanup the bike from Wed/Thursdays rides. Yucky!

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