Friday, January 18, 2008

Is pain your friend???

This was my thought last night as I crawled under my covers before falling asleep last night. I was pondering this due to the fact I did my 2nd workout of my new type yesterday. I felt pretty good doing it after the 2 rest days (well I ran and cycled on Wednesday). Doing the step ups I only felt a bit weak near the very end of the last set. The explosion squats were fine. Did better on push ups and pullups also. Where I felt the pain was the lunges. My left leg was having problems when being the support leg. My quad there is simply weaker I guess. But by the end I was hurting. I cycled for 25 mins afterwards to break up the muscles a bit more. I was quite sore when stair climbing at home last night. DAmn laundry. This morning though I noticed my recovery was MUCH better. I'm hoping for hitting it again Saturday maybe. Though maybe not as I may try and ride Sunday.

But back to my point originally, what is that point when working out when you say enough. That when do you say, okay time to modify the workout? I felt not just lactic acid build up but some real soreness in my leg. We'll see how it goes today.

I also went by GNC and grabbed a bottle of whats now my favorite post workout protein drink, muscle milk. I also find there carmel peanut bars to be my favorite of several high protein bars I've tried.

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