Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Places, New Faces

Last night i made the pilgrimage up to Greenbriar State Park Md, Damn thats quite a haul! I got up there a bit after 6 and wrestled my way into my gear in the car. Ugh. I need the bike gear booth! 3 other guys showed up at first. We took off just after 7pm and I knew ever after the first climb I was in trouble. The rockiness and the climbs there are simply much harder than any others I've ridden. Patapsco might be a good place to build up to riding greenbriar better/more often. I'm almost excited to challenge wakefield tonight. We'll see.

Damn fun descents for the most part, we did a lot of the red, some of the orange, and parts of blue and white. On a long climb I did get way seperated from the group and took a wrong turn and lost the group for 5-6 minutes. By the end I was doing a bit better on climbs but my legs were still worn out. We descended the dam to get out on time and that was a rush, my front break definetly could use and upgrade also before I go back. Around 8 miles total in the 2 hours we were out. UGH!!! I bet I hike-a-biked at least a mile maybe. SUCK!

I need to show some love to the house before J gets back tommorow, so I won't be super dissapointed if the ride gets cancelled tonight. I'll just go and pound for an hour on the stationairy bikes. Maybe i'll try and find a spinning class...hmmmm.

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