Monday, January 21, 2008

Working for the Weekend

Busy weekend, even with J away. Man, where did the weekend go?

Friday before she left we went to Benihana for dinner, it was pretty entertaining but not as good as the one we liked in Tallahassee, no fire, and some rude customers. Almost everytable was having a birthday party, very noisy with the way they do it. No noodles either and the soup was an onion based one, but pretty good, I still like miso. J was packing after we got home till midnight. Ugh

Dropped J at the airport early and went to work. After work I had a new friends new year party to hit, and it was a good time, too bad I had to split at midnight. met a ton of cool people.

Sunday I got up at 7'sh for a 10:15 meetup and 10:30 ride up at Patapsco Park, my first ride up there. Very cool place, though I was hike-a-biking way more than i wanted to, plus I didn't keep up very well. I was suffering at like 6mph average. Some real mix of nice terrain and some hard climbs with some technical descents be it rocky or some drops. I think I rode a bit over 7 miles.

Today (err Monday), I rode out at Roseryville Park for the first time. Good group of guys also at this ride, the 4 of us made a bit stronger pace, I paced out at 7.6 as its a much faster feeling loop, even though the interior advanced loop took me forever as I had some bad mistakes in there on some simple stuff. I did take a few nice logs that I was actually happy with my attempts. Definitely gonna make that at least a monthly trip if I can. A bit far but not bad. Fun Fun loop. I hope to get J out there this spring. Only one hike a bike near the end do to being outa gas so to speak, and then slipped in the mud. Oh well.

Also did my new workout today, very simple but surprisingly hard. !0 Minutes of boxing on the heavy bag, 3 minutes of both fists, 3 of left only, 3 of right only, 1 final minute of both. The other exercise is 5 to 10 sets of 12 reps on each arm of kettle ball swing. You grab it one hand squat down and as you explode up out of the squat, you swing the ball up in the air. Also the trainer suggested that switching out the boxxing for jumprope for 10 minutes. All i know is I am pooped!!!

Time for shower and bed.

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