Monday, January 28, 2008

Fairland First Ride

So this morning I loaded up and went out to check out Fairland. Over all I'm going to give it a consideration somewhere between Cabin John and hmmmm Schaeffer? I dunno. At first the looping twisting unblazed trails were somewhat boring with a few notable exceptions, but I eventually found my way to the blue trail to the trail head suggested on the more site. Nice. Then I rode the entire blue trail out and back. Very Very nice on the out and not bad on the back though a bit climby but hey, its mountain biking. I was just tired. I guess the workout yesterday may have haunted me a bit. After a brief parking lot tour to find a dons-john I returned to the blue path to exit back to the other side. On the way down I finally came up on some horses. I followed a ways back for about a quarter of a mile. Finally they noticed me a switch back up and let me pass right near the paved path. I shot off and went away from blue where I thought they were going, I looped upto a point I'd hit earlier then found a recently built skinny trail section back towards the lake. Unfortunetly it was warming up speedily and I wanted to get done. As I was finishing that part I repassed the horse folk by about 50 yards and went on. I did a few laps of the lake and a couple runs down the path to the road. A quick final grind back to the lot, greeting a pair finishing up that i hadn't seen the entire 2 hours or so I was out.

Not bad, I got 12.3 miles on the cyclecomop. The gps came up with 1400 feet of climbing in 1h45mins of in motion time, covering 11.6 miles.

NOt awesome, but still. Not bad either. My legs are SORE! :)

215! Nice!!

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